AIIMS Director Speaks About the Genetic Link of Clubfeet at the Central Zone Orthopedic Association Annual Meeting

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): The annual conference of the Central Area Orthopedic Association was held here on Sunday. Executive Director, AIIMS, Bhopal, Dr. Ajay Singh was the guest speaker.

He spoke about translational research in pediatric orthopedics. His research on the study of the COL9A1 polymorphism in clubfoot: a study of the parent-child dyad has been appreciated.

The most common problems faced by children are foot deformities, gait disturbances and hip dysplasia. Problems can be hereditary, congenital or acquired. Early diagnosis can help prevent an orthopedic problem in childhood and can ensure faster and better treatment.

According to doctors, pediatric orthopedics generally covers the same sub-specialties as adult orthopedics, but specialists who work in this field have been specifically trained in orthopedic problems that are congenital or acquired in childhood or adolescence.

These conditions change and develop over time, and the body reacts differently depending on the age of the patients. During childhood, muscles and bones continually grow and develop. For this reason, it is important to diagnose any orthopedic condition as early as possible so that it can be treated appropriately.

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