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Evolve YT’s Accelerated Gross Profit (AGP) beta has been underway for a month and the company says it is seeing promising results as well as revelations for its soft launch in May 2022.

The beta version of AGP, which is a new program developed by Evolve YT, uses one-on-one coaching techniques as well as virtual classroom trainings to influence a supervisor’s actions through a series of specific activities that will help accelerate the gross profit of a business.

“We know what we believe to be true about the beta release,” said CEO Phil Cooper, “which is if we can get Service Managers to perform the prescribed activities and execute them correctly, this will move the needle through the five key metrics, which ultimately increases gross profit.

Cooper explained that there are five key metrics measured in the AGP program that are based on the six fundamental principles for accelerating gross profit. The five metrics measured regularly are production, employee experience, reputation management, customer experience, and cost of goods sold (COGS)/gross profit.

“The activities our beta supervisors conduct move the needle on our five metrics and are based on the six fundamentals for accelerating gross profit,” Cooper said.

According to Cooper, the six fundamentals for accelerating gross profit are:

• Make your employees great

• Leadership skills

• Take advantage of generations

• Fill the team with talent

• Managing cost of goods sold to drive profitability

• Exquisite Communications

As with any beta, Evolve YT encountered a few bumps in the road during its first month, but major reveals were uncovered during this time to help shape the program for the soft launch.

“What we noticed is that our initial program, which was only supposed to be a 16-week beta, turns out to be two different phases, one of which includes an implementation period of 16 weeks,” said Robert DiJoseph, president of Evolve. YT.

DiJoseph explained that it was realized that the program needed to be separated into two different phases to run it properly.

“We realized our original 16-week plan was flawed,” he said. “Recognizing this, we have developed an enhanced program that includes two different phases. The first phase, the discovery phase, will last approximately 2-3 weeks and we will gather all of our initial data as well as in-person assessments. Then phase two, the implementation phase, will be the 16-week phase where we execute our activities to influence the behaviors of the service manager and ultimately increase gross profit.

According to DiJoseph, there will also be a “Phase Three,” which is still in development, following the conclusion of the 16-week Implementation Phase which will be used to strengthen Service Manager activities for continued success.

“Each phase is equally important to the end goal of accelerating gross profit,” DiJoseph said. “We need a manager baseline to be able to run our business based on the fundamentals to move the needle on the five metrics. But it doesn’t stop there because strengthening those businesses is just as important. than execution to ensure that our supervisors continue to grow gross profit.

The beta, which includes participants from Pest-End Inc. in New Hampshire, ATCO Pest Control in California, and Accel Pest & Termite Control in Virginia and Ohio, is beginning to see promising progress as companies are seeing behavioral changes in their managers. , reports EvolveYT.

Although the beta is extended until April 15, Cooper and DiJoseph expect a soft launch of the AGP program starting in May.

“We expect to have about 15-20 hand-picked companies for the soft launch in May and hope to have the program commercial by September,” Cooper said.

In terms of what companies can expect to get out of the AGP program, Cooper explained that they should expect to see a 2-4% increase in gross margin as well as an increase in five key metrics. , for service managers during the four months. the implementation of the AGP as well as the continuous improvement within the framework of the ongoing program.

The AGP program is expected to have its soft launch in May with an expected market date of September 2022. For more information on the AGP program, click here or visit to view upcoming Supervisor Development Courses.

Phil Cooper will present the “Building Greatness on Your Team” course at the CTPCA. The Connecticut Pest Control Association (CTPCA) will host its January virtual management track with Evolve YT’s “Building Your Team’s Greatness” course on January 27.

The virtual event showcases the six fundamentals for accelerating gross profit. Through proven processes and actionable actions, supervisors will learn the daily and weekly activities necessary to make them and their direct reports excellent.

“These activities will teach your supervisors how to be effective and efficient with their time to improve productivity, employee experience, talent acquisition, and reduce cost of goods sold,” said Phil Cooper, CEO of Evolve YT . “Attendees will walk away with actionable steps that can be put into practice immediately to accelerate your gross profit.”

The CTPCA “Build Your Team Greatness” session is scheduled for January 27, 2022 at 10 a.m. EST. CTPCA members can attend for free and the non-member price is $45. Click here to register.

For more information on Supervisor Development courses at Evolve YT, visit

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