Carson City’s Curry Street Project Delays Due to Material Shortages, 3rd Street Parking Lot Reopened | Carson City Nevada News

The construction period for the Curry Street project has been extended longer than originally planned. The project experienced delays due to material shortages, underground obstructions (old oil reservoirs and difficult utility crossings), dangerous air quality in our fire season, and torrential rains at the start of the winter. season that hampered construction.

We thank the businesses / area residents and the public accessing downtown for your patience and understanding as we face these challenges. The City and the contractor are committed to completing the remainder of the project on time and providing an improved downtown corridor for all users.

The 3rd Street parking lot reopened to the public on November 18. Partial parking lot closures will take place to install landscaping, drip irrigation lines and lighting in the future.

One-way northbound traffic between 5th and Musser will continue as the contractor works on the west side of the street to complete the basement and sidewalk improvements. Temporary on-street parking during construction will be removed once the parking lot is reopened to allow for construction along the street.

At the site, there are currently missing sections of sidewalk that have been finished with asphalt to minimize the danger to pedestrians walking in the corridor. Delays in sourcing the materials needed to complete the work, such as utility vaults, made this temporary change necessary.

Most of the landscaping improvements (sidewalk and asphalt removal to replace with concrete) along Curry are expected to be completed by the end of the year. The removal of overhead and communication power lines, landscaping, drip irrigation, and reconnection of building electrical services will continue diligently through January 2022.

A public meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the west end of McFadden Square on Monday, November 22 for anyone wishing to ask questions about the project or raise concerns.

McFadden Square and businesses within the project boundary are open during construction.

Those wishing periodic updates on the project can register via email by going to or can text Carson Proud at (775) 522-5722 to receive SMS notifications.

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