CKD Bio signs CMO agreement for gene therapy raw material

CKD Bio announced on Thursday that it has signed a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) agreement with EnhancedBio to produce ionizable lipids, a key substance in EN-LNP technology.

EN-LNP is a lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform for delivering gene therapy materials, including vaccines and treatments to cells. The technology was developed by the research team of Professor Lee Hyuk-jin from Ehwa Womans University College of Pharmacy and licensed to EnhancedBio.

Ionizable lipids are essential in EN-LNP technology. They can be applied to various fields including mRNA, siRNA and CRISPR gene editing technology. Additionally, ionizable lipids can be delivered to specific target cells.

Under this agreement, CKD Bio will exclusively produce and supply ionizable lipids as pharmaceutical raw materials for 10 years. In addition, EnhanceBio will use CKD Bio’s ionizable lipids to develop an siRNA-based anti-cancer drug.

CKD Bio CEO Lee Jeong-jin said the importance of LNP platform technology has been confirmed by Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, and it is increasingly being used in larger areas.

“It is significant that the latest agreement helped CKD Bio enter the gene therapy market for the first time,” he said.

EnhancedBio CEO Kim Hong-joong said the CMO agreement helped ensure quality ionizable lipids produced by CKD Bio. “With close collaboration, we will accelerate R&D and commercialization of the investigational cancer drug.”

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