Plasmid DNA as starting material for large-scale mRNA vaccines from the PlasmidFactory

In the press you read about R&D activities and other fields of activity in addition to those already mentioned. Can you handle this alone?

Dr. Martin Schleef: The R&D activities of the PlasmidFactory are carried out in our laboratories, partly in close cooperation with national and international partners, for example in the fields of
– Optimization of vectors for the production of viral vectors (AAV or LV) or for efficient production of antibodies or RNA
– Development of vector systems without resistance genes

(eg minicircle)
– Study of the influence of various factors on the

long-term stability of plasmid DNA (e.g., plasmid size, DNA concentration, storage medium, freezing and thawing conditions)

– DNA vaccines
– Production of dimeric plasmids – Development of vectors
– Gene transfer

As CEO of your company, have you now become an entrepreneur? What role does science still play?

Dr. Martin Schleef: Actually, I’m a biologist and a researcher who also manages the company. PlasmidFactory’s products are jointly produced by a dynamic team of motivated colleagues.

Our and my work here is in the service of science, but of course science also meets entrepreneurship in our company. We remain researchers for researchers!

With compelling new ideas and extraordinary techniques, we want to advance biotechnology together – just a part of my DNA too.

(Ankit Kankar)

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