Study shows genetic link with age at first sex and childbirth


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You might think that your first time was related to a number of factors, such as love, lust, morality, or social mores.

But new research has revealed that the age at which we lose our virginity may actually be linked to our unique genetic code.

An international team of scientists, led by the University of Oxford and including contributions from New Zealand, has discovered 371 regions of our DNA that influence milestones such as when we first have sex. and have our first baby, for both women and men.

“This is one of those studies where you wonder if my genes made me do it?” Andrew Shelling, head of the University of Auckland’s medical genetics research group, told The AM Show.

Shelling also revealed that environmental factors play a bigger role, saying, “Just because they’ve found a correlation with a gene doesn’t mean it’s going to cause us to have sex sooner than anyone else.”

Study leader Professor Melinda Mills of the Leverhulme Center for Demographic Science at the University of Oxford said the research could have far-reaching implications.

“Age at first sexual intercourse and age at first birth have implications for health and evolving fitness. We anticipate that our findings will focus on important interventions in infertility, sexual and mental health for women. adolescents, ”she said.

Professor Mills told the Daily Mail that the study shows an “interaction of both nature and education.”

According to a 2016 survey by condom makers Durex, New Zealand had one of the youngest average ages for sexual debut in the countries studied.

Kiwis had an average age of 17.5 years, compared to 18.4 years in the United States and 21.2 years in China.

• Brazil 17.3
• New Zealand 17.5
• Germany 17.8
• United Kingdom 18.3
• 18.4 United States
• Canada 18.5
• France 18.7
• Ireland 18.7
• Mexico 19.1
• Spain 19.5
• Japan 20.4
• China 21.2
• India 22.5
• Malaysia 23.7

However, an earlier study by a Kiwi sex toy retailer showed that our sexual confidence doesn’t peak until our late twenties, and dates back to our early fifties.

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