Virteca Patents Distributed Controls for Materials Handling and Other Solutions

Virteca Patents Distributed Controls for Materials Handling and Other Solutions

October 25, 2022 – VirTeca, an Atlanta-based material handling solutions provider, is taking a dramatic step forward in the industry by announcing the patent-pending application of its VirSatile distributed controls.

The omnibus patent application covers VirTeca’s distributed controls software and design – a modular and scalable software and control solution that makes implementing and expanding warehouse, logistics and material handling systems as easy as plug-and-play.

Operating as a series of compact, segmented control panels connected to and managing corresponding equipment, the VirSatile Distributed Controls architecture and software make integrating cohesive systems simple and fast. This is because they are designed and configured to know their individual tasks and to communicate seamlessly with each other.

“Traditionally, you would have a centralized controller/computer managing the entire system. Any modifications or expansions require new field wiring, changes in the panel, then software modifications and testing. Change is measured in material expenditure, resources invested, project risk and lost production time,” said VirTeca President Gene Sanders. “With our solution, you can have as many or as few controlled elements in a system as you want, simple configuration and the ability to easily make changes in the future. This flexibility applies not only to the functionality of the main controls, but also to the safety circuit. The system becomes truly scalable and modular.

While VirSatile Distributed Controls are applicable on their own across a wide range of applications, systems, and industries, their tremendous value increases even more when combined with VirTeca’s products, all of which are designed to be equally scalable. .

VirTeca is committed to providing the next generation of material handling solutions through the creative application of technology and product development. They offer a dynamic product line including advanced controls, revolutionary software, multi-directional quick sorting equipment, safe and adjustable conveyors, self-informed package organizing tools, automated gates, signs and more. They also offer comprehensive integration services and detailed system documentation including meticulous schematics, clearly labeled visuals, and standardized step-by-step instructions for assembly, installation, operation, and maintenance.

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